Monday, August 15, 2011 
Marine 17 was called into East Greenwich today to assist in the search and recovery of a woman in a car. The initial dispatch was to check out a vehicle who's roof was seen coming through the water of the Mantua Creek near Sweeten's Dock, off of Berkley Road in E. Greenwich. The Paulsboro boat responded from Ziggy's dock in Paulsboro and proceeded to the scene. After confirming that there was a car in the water the boat returned and picked up divers from the Malaga FD and the State Police. Divers confirmed that there was a woman's body in the car. The Marine 17 was then used to tow the boat, after divers were able to put air bags around it, to the dock . A large tow truck then lifted the car from the water. Firefighter's from Paulsboro assisted the Medical Examiners Office in removing the body from  the vehicle.

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